The Orange Baton originated in 1931 as the newspaper for the Theta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. It began as an annual newspaper in 1930, sponsored by KKPsi, and written by the band members of the then, Oregon State Agricultural College band. Some of the main features of the newspaper were high school band contests. At the origin of the paper, the high school band contest supported about 17 bands consisting of approximately 600 musicians. This was a huge growth from 1924, when there were very few states that held band contests at all. The Orange Baton also recorded the year’s events for band alumni and visiting high school perspectives. The Orange Baton showed that pledging and membership to Kappa Kappa Psi was the highest honor and goal of every high school bandsmen who would soon enter college. Unfortunately, in the 1940s Theta chapter went inactive due to World War II, and with the close of the chapter, went the last Orange Baton.

However since Spring 2011, the Orange Baton has been published several times a year.