How To Have A Successful Festival Season

Last Saturday, West Salem celebrated their 8th 6A State win, but I’m not here to talk about that! I am here to talk about Eric Russell and Maria Rivera, the fabulous Kappa class members who helped run the entire show. Yep that’s right folks; for four days, Eric and Maria ran the great race, the state band festival race.

You may remember that Mary Marshall held the main festival position last year, but this year she has been away on an internship. Eric said that “the hand-off from Mary was nice.” The set-up was pretty nice: Mary was still in town for the first festival, so she was able to guide Eric though the process of getting volunteers for the festival. After that smooth test run, Eric was off to the races.

To have a successful festival, Eric has these pointers:

  • Time slots need to be assembled onto a volunteer sheet that align with the schedule of the festival

  • Send the list out to those in chapter, and others in performing ensembles.

  • Send out an email to those who sign up so they know what to expect during a festival

  • This includes job descriptions, dress, and key-point adults to coordinate with

Even though things seemed to run smoothly, there were some rough patches. "Usually when things don't work out, it’s because there are holes in the schedule where no one signed up. When this happens, [volunteers are asked to] multi-task and cover the missing position." This situation is "not easy," and it is the most likely time for miscommunication between volunteers.

After this year, Eric is going to help Bob Schapper write up job descriptions. Rather than having to type up the same thing every time a festival comes around, future coordinators simply have to ctrl+c, ctrl+p in emails. It will also help at the festival, since a physical copy of job descriptions will be found at the check-in table for people to be reminded of what their position entails.

The moral of the story? "When everyone shows up and the festival stays on schedule, it is a blessing in disguise" --Eric Russell

Making Maslanka's Mass

On April 20th, 2017, the OSU Wind Ensemble had the honor of performing David Maslanka’s Mass, which was composed in 1994. The Mass calls for a Wind Ensemble, a children’s choir, and a full choir. In order for the Mass to be performed at OSU, over 200 people rehearsed non-stop the month before the performance. Maslanka’s Mass had never been premiered on the West Coast before, and only been played four other times since it had been written. Garrett Rose and Emily Walker both performed in the Mass on percussion - Garrett on timpani and Emily on mallet percussion. They said it was surreal to be in such a large and noteworthy production. Garrett said he “felt blessed to be performing in something this important.”

As a percussionist in Wind Ensemble, normally Dr. Robert Brudvig performs with the Wind Ensemble, but this time he did not. Emily recalls that Dr. Brudvig said he knew it was such an important work that, as music majors, they could both put it on their resume. It also so happened to work out that there were exactly the number of percussionists as there were percussion parts. Emily said that the obligations of being a percussionist were very difficult to deal with, especially during the recording sessions. During a concert, percussionists need to move around to play all of their parts, but during recording sessions, if there is any extraneous sound, that take of the music would not be used for the final version. Since the Mass was so long, the recording needed to be done over two days, for three hours each. However, the recordings were not finished in time, so the live concert was also recorded in the hopes that there were better sections of the music at the concert.

The Mass was an extremely difficult piece to perform, especially for the choir, but the instrumentalists had their challenges as well. Since the piece was non-stop, the percussionists needed to be focused the whole time, so they wouldn’t lose their place in their rest counting. There were also impossible parts that were written for the percussion section, both technically and literally. However, after the final note of the Mass had sounded, both Emily and Garrett said that they would want to experience it again. “It just felt really fun and surreal to be there.”

Ready for some HEAT?

Theta Chapter is about to get some FUNdraising action going here starting off with our Chipotle profit share (Oooo! :D ). Fifty percent of all proceeds go to support the Theta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. For more details, please see the event below.

And to get a hold of the flyer, just save and print the photo below.

Just remember to show the flyer to the cashier on Friday, May 5th and tell them that you're supporting the Theta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi.


Spring term has started and Theta chapter is back on campus!

During this break a large portion of the chapter shipped out to Boise, Idaho for Western District Convention. Many thanks to the members of Iota Kappa who made this such a great experience for everyone who attended. Although our members may not have returned bright eyed and bushy tailed from all the sleep they got, they brought back with them many new ideas, lessons and memories, and a little unexpected recognition.

Now that Theta has returned to campus we are waking back up with a little coffee. Next Tuesday (4/11/2017) we will be having a profit share with the Dutch Bros. of Corvallis. We will receive $1 for every flyer given to the cashier with the purchase of a drink. Support Theta next Tuesday with your coffee purchase.

Kudos to Jensen!

Congratulations to Jensen Amens for becoming the Western District Parliamentarian! She will represent Theta chapter well as she serves to advise the District.


Welcome everybody to the new Theta chapter KKPsi website! We are very excited to push this website out along with our all new web address, The new website will be bringing a lot of new things to the table not just for the chapter, but for all those who visit our website. We're glad to have you here!

Be sure to stay tuned as we may begin to post new and relevant information throughout the coming weeks ahead!

Gordon Truong
Theta Chapter Webmaster